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Welcome to our DARQ & DOLCE chocolate paradise, where dreams are made of cocoa. With the devotion to the real taste of pure chocolates, a passion, and the belief that there is room for a radically different approach to chocolates, DARQ & DOLCE started its chocolaty journey, one that is an inspiring engagement of the senses that real chocolate deserves .DARQ & DOLCE chocolates are made with rich aromatic cocoa beans tempered to perfection for creating luscious chocolate delicacies. Adding exotic elements, take it a notch higher!

Indulge your senses in a symphony of exquisite flavors and decadent creations at our brand-new online chocolate store. Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey through the finest selection of artisanal chocolates, carefully crafted to elevate your chocolate experience to new heights. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a curious chocolate lover, our chocolate promises to satisfy your cravings and leave you yearning for more.

We cherish the bond we share with our chocolate enthusiasts. Our website provides easy access to our social media presence, and customer support. We encourage you to leave us reviews and share your chocolate experiences with us. Stay connected!

DARQ & DOLCE is an emporium of luxury chocolates and delicacies. Existing for centuries, chocolates are one of the best desserts that can be immersed into incredible flavors, a munching snack to satisfy your sweet craving and a gift for all occasions and celebrations. And, if you are an admirer of chocolates, DARQ & DOLCE will be delighted to serve you an awesome experience. Our range of dark chocolates are called ‘DARQ’ and the milk chocolates are called ‘DOLCE’. Both DARQ & DOLCE have an equal identity in our brand, and we shall bring you the best of both!

At our online DARQ & DOLCE chocolate boutique, we believe that every chocolate creation is a work of art. Our virtual store will guide you through the delightful chocolates and delightful creations that await. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing showcase of DARQ & DOLCE. You can purchase our products online. Browsing and ordering on our website is an effortless experience.



With the minimalist modern looks of the packaging ,we try to keep things as simply eye pleasing and sophisticated. The clean and uncluttered appearance of our chocolate boxes complements our delicious chocolates and completes the overall luxury presentation of our products. The selection available from our box and ribbon colors speaks volume with a subtle elegance. Apart from DARQ & DOLCE standard boxes, we also work closely with our customers to deliver the experience of personalized designs, themes and branding to suit the occasion.

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Behind each chocolate masterpiece lies passion. At DARQ & DOLCE, we are passionate about delivering a unique and varying taste from every chocolate variant you choose to order with us. Whether you crave smooth dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate, or adventurous flavor combinations, DARQ & DOLCE provides a seamless experience. From the nostalgic classics and pralines to chocolates with creamy fillings, we have something for every chocolate enthusiast. Characterized with tropical citrus fruity notes, scintillating flavors and aromas, crunchy nuts , creamy pralines, and ganache, DARQ & DOLCE chocolates are a treat like no other.


Experience the art of temptation: DARQ & DOLCE, where chocolate becomes an exquisite masterpiece!


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