Return Policy

Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Once the item has been selected and the buyer has proceeded to payment, we will not be able to return the order, replace it, or cancel the order. All items on the service and the products that you (the buyer) purchase from this website are of the perishable nature, therefore, all purchases will be final, non-returnable and non-refundable.

The products ordered by you will be your responsibility from the time at which the buyer signs the delivery receipt, this means that you are responsible for any loss or damage which occurs after this time. At the time you accept the delivery from our carrier, at this point the ownership of the goods will be transferred to the buyer. If the recipient is different from the buyer (as a gift) you will accept their signing of delivery receipt as evidence and proof of transfer of responsibility. We can only deliver to one address per order. Delivery fees will be charged in addition to the total price of the order.

We are not liable for incorrect order information provided by the customer and lost, damaged or stolen packages once the order has been delivered to the recipient’s address.

We will ship your order to the delivery address you provide. Please include full delivery address, and recipient name, suite or apartment number, building name, street name etc. as applicable to ensure proper delivery. We do not deliver goods to PO Boxes. We are not responsible if the customer provides incorrect or incomplete address. Unfortunately, and due to the perishable nature of our products, we cannot warrant the condition of the package if the carrier is required to reroute your order. We cannot be responsible for
the condition of orders that are not able to be delivered on the first attempt (or that you may have updated or revised through any instructions you give to our carrier).

We are not responsible for failed deliveries when:

  • You provide an incorrect or outdated address.
  • Your recipient is out of town or not available, or
  • You do not provide a corrected/new delivery address within 24 hours of the first delivery attempt. Shipments that are returned or require re-delivery/rerouting due to any reason will be subject to additional charges for reshipment and/or relabeling for the carrier.

There are some cases in which we could offer a replacement of product at our sole discretion. Such cases are:

  • The product is damaged prior to delivery.
  • The incorrect product was delivered.
  • The product is expired.

In such case, please contact Customer Care within 6 to 12 hours of receiving the delivery with a detailed description and photograph(s) evidencing the above, for assistance with a replacement or exchange.

We have a no refund policy, however any exception to this will be at our sole discretion. For example, where we are unable to deliver at your location being remote or unserviceable. Where any refunds are accepted by us, refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days depending on the issuing bank of the credit or debit card.

Once you have accepted the delivery, we recommend that the customer follow the product storage recommendations listed below. The products cannot be contested by buyer to be delivered damaged or incorrect, if customer places the product in unsuitable storage conditions.

  • Please store the products in dry location between constant 18-20 Degrees temperature.
  • Refrigeration of products may cause blooming or may absorb smell from the environment.
  • Nothing ruins great chocolate faster than heat – avoid humidity and direct sunlight.
  • For freshness of unopened products, please check the best before date.
  • Never leave your chocolates in the car.
  • Don’t place near flame.
  • And please, don’t store your chocolates near odors.

For any claims related to deliveries, please refer to our delivery and shipping policy made available at our website.

For any feedback, suggestions, or complaints, you may contact us through WhatsApp or the e-mail address given at our website.

For additional information, refer to the FAQs on our website.